Today’s Real Estate Buyers More Educated on Market

Real Estate Profiling is the combined art & science of exceeding the expectations of a willing buyer and seller and bringing them together in a successful transaction that is a “win-win” for both parties. This conclusion doesn’t happen often without hard work and a clearly defined process primarily driven by the Realtors representing the buyer & seller on Hilton Head Island.

It wasn’t too many years ago that a potential buyer who was interested in Hilton Head would contact a Realtor through some sort of referral process, participate in a few phone calls, and the buyer would be sent a large block of property flyers from different neighborhoods. The hope of the Realtor was the buyer would somehow find a neighborhood on Hilton Head and a few properties that they would like to concentrate on and possibly visit. Normally, at this point the buyer was confused and upon being met at the Hilton Head airport would helplessly say, ” Show me Hilton Head.” In essence upon arriving in the Hilton Head area neither the buyer nor the Realtor in this case has moved the ball forward very far in the process.

Today it’s a very different story. The internet has caused a positive revolution for buyers, sellers, and Realtors that has collapsed the long process into normally a rather short business practice whereby much of the work is done by all parties before the buyer has even visited the area. has become the primary real estate “Bible” and it’s value is its ability to allow profiling for the buyer rather than most of the other real estate print advertising which is nothing other than Realtor imaging. Although there are many interesting internet search sites, commands a leading position and is viewed by 80% of the perspective buyers before they visit the Island.

Today the first contact to the Realtor from the buyer is a request to see more information on specific properties in already viewed neighborhoods. In other words, the buyer is already ahead of the Realtor before the process starts. The buyer has normally profiled their needs on and reviewed out-in-front web sites like ours. This is the point where many Realtors begin to fail. The buyer has already begun to give out hints of their profile & needs, and the Realtor really needs to press for information and begin the specific business search practice. Understanding specific buyer needs is critical to success for all parties. Showing golf course properties in Wexford Plantation to buyers who only want waterfront homes in Seapines is a waste of time for everybody and leads to anger, frustration, & disappointment!

It’s obviously critical that the sellers understand the value of having a premier company represent them with first class brochures, excellent web site placement, well written property description, and trained business oriented Realtors. Sellers have an important role in becoming part of the process of elimination. One of our leading American business executives, Jack Welch of GE, once said, “A confused buyer won’t step up to the plate under any circumstances.” This means that the property buyer needs to have all their questions answered and all outstanding issues resolved before making any kind of an offer. The buyer also needs to understand that they are comfortable with the process of elimination offered by the Realtor through internet @ web site planning and know they have ultimately found the house of their dreams.

I can’t think of a more important facet of successful real estate planning than the buyer & seller profiling process.