Hilton Head Communities: Which Community Is Right for You?

Hilton Head Island is a pristine area located just off of the Georgia coast. Revered for its rich history and excellent weather, the island is a great place for those who enjoy areas that have great historical character, feature endless recreational opportunities, or both. The flavor of Hilton Head communities ranges from touristy to private to luxurious. Depending on the type of neighborhood desired, one of the island’s communities below might be the perfect fit.

Sea Pines

Established in 1956, the Sea Pines is one of the oldest and best-known communities on the island. Sea Pines combines modern recreational activities such as golf and tennis with classic forms of recreation such as boating and fishing. In the summer months, the area experiences a moderate amount of tourism, but is still quiet enough to please those who seek privacy for relaxation. Sea Pines is recognized nationally for its signature, candy-striped lighthouse, six miles of untainted shoreline, and topnotch golf courses. It is one of the communities that Hilton Head Island Real Estate Brokers are asked about the most.

Long Cove

Long Cove is a secluded, 600-acre community that offers privacy and relaxation. Founded in the 1980′s, it is one of the island’s newer communities, but has quickly developed a reputation for offering the isolation that one expects in luxurious island properties. Within the seclusion of the area, there is no shortage of recreation. The community offers a world-class golf course, a first-rate tennis facility, harbor access, and croquet clubs.


Wexford is perhaps the most exclusive of all Hilton Head communities, featuring the renowned Wexford Club – a private golf club that is surrounded by stately residences with direct access to a sea bound canal system. Living in Wexford requires a significant investment, but for those who love golfing and boating, it might be the best neighborhood to live in. Hilton Head Island Real Estate Brokers has more information about becoming a member of the Wexford Club.

Palmetto Dunes

Palmetto Dunes is a large, active community that centers on recreation. Combined with the communities of Leamington and Shelter Cove, Palmetto Dunes forms the Palmetto Dunes Resort, which offers all of the golfing, biking, kayaking, surfing, canoeing, and tennis that its residents can handle. If sharing the golf and tennis courts with tourists is not an issue, then living in the Palmetto Dunes is a great way to enjoy fun in the sun year round. Properties in Palmetto Dunes are also popular investments for those who wish to invest in exclusive rental properties.


Hilton Head has an area for almost everyone. For constant recreation, the Palmetto Dunes might be the right area. For those that request an exclusive location ideal for relaxation, Long Cove is an excellent selection. Wexford may be the area of choice for those who wish for a luxury residence that is nestled within a private golf community. Speak with Hilton Head Island Real Estate Brokers today for more information about the island’s communities and what they offer.